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Better DIY and home improvement skills

A partnership between UK Youth and B&Q is hoping to lead to more young people developing better DIY and home improvement skills.

The three year deal will involve B&Q employees working with young people and passing on their skills.

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Beware DIY Work When Buying a House

Those looking to buy a new home need to be very careful if they spot any signs of DIY work having been done. The advice given by especially applies to any heating, gas or electrical equipment which might have been installed.

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Beware Doorstep Sellers

Sutton residents are being warned this week to take care when approached by a door step seller. The local council has launched Your Doorstep, Your Decision;

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Beware Doorstep Traders

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) is warning the elderly to be wary of doorstep traders offering home improvement services. They made the warning after they received more than 5,300 complaints about the issue in the last year; an increase of 16% on the previous year.

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Beware of the Cowboys

Beware of the Cowboys

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has issued a warning this week to homeowners regarding the increased presence of rogue traders during the summer months.

The OFT have pointed out that rogue traders will often offer services at rates which seem very attractive which may encourage people to hire them without thinking it through.

Meanwhile Consumer Direct has issued a list of the most common complaints regarding cowboy builders which they received last year. The list was topped by roofing contractors followed by tarmacing and paving, insulation and general building work.

Michele Shambrook from Consumer Direct has commented that the issue of rogue traders is a continuing one in this country and often the work carried out is unnecessary or poorly completed.

The OFT have suggested that people be wary of offers which seem to be too good to be true and to question claims that their house may be unsafe unless work is carried out. They also suggest that homeowners avoid employing a tradesman on the doorstep and to investigate them and their work first.

The Office of Fair Trading -

Top 10 Tips for Employing a Tradesman - find a decent reliable tradesman to work in your home.

Beware The Burglary Season

With the festive season upon us, homeowners may be less inclined to think about home security. Unfortunately new research from More Than has shown that this time of the year is a particular favourite of burglars.

The research which involved conversations with reformed burglars discovered that a burglar is most likely to strike between 1.55am and 2.18am on Christmas Day.

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Billy the Electrician Raising Money

Electrician Billy Byrne from BBC One's DIY SOS is to trek across India as part of Keech Hospice Care's Trek India 2010.

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Bird Feeders Affecting Balance of Bird Populations

The recent British Trust for Ornithology's Garden Bird Feeding Survey has found that the Blue Tit bird has fallen in numbers by an alarming 42% over the last 40 years. In addition the numbers of starlings and song thrushes has dropped by 75% and house sparrows has also declined rapidly by 70%.

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Bodged DIY Totals £235 Million Last Year

New research from the Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks has shown that homeowners spent £235 million fixing bodged DIY in their homes last year. The research was based on a survey of 2000 people and discovered that one quarter of those questioned who had experienced a DIY disaster, wished they had never started. One in ten people paid up to £500 to fix mistakes.

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Boiler Scrappage Scheme

The Government appears to be concentrating on encouraging green lifestyles and is also expected to offer a scrappage scheme for central heating boilers, to encourage people to buy more energy efficient new boilers and to support the UK's manufacturing industry.

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Boom in Artificial Grass Sales

Britain's largest artificial grass manufacturer, Evergreens, has reported that they have sold 35% more artificial grass this year than last year. The increase is thought to be down to the warm and dry weather which has been experienced across the country this summer.

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Borrowing DIY Tools From Neighbours

A new website has realised the value of lending to and borrowing from neighbours, particularly when it comes to DIY tools which are rarely used. Ecomodo is a new community enterprise which allows its members to borrow what they need from each other for a small fee.

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