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Bosch Launch Treehouse Campaign

Bosch Launch Treehouse Campaign

Research released by Bosch Power Tools this week has shown that 45% of parents have less than five hours each week to spend with their children. This news comes as the government has released guidelines which indicate that parents should treat children like vegetables and have “five (hours) a day”.

The Bosch research has also shown that just 31% of parents show their children how to do activities like cooking sewing and DIY, however 93% of the parents questioned agreed that these skills were important to pass down and 90% felt that not knowing these skills could lead to problems in later life.

When it comes to children, 50% admit they would like to spend more time with their parents, especially helping them to learn new things. 63% wanted to learn more cooking skills while 52% wanted to learn more about DIY.

The parents who did not want to pass on any skills said that either they didn't have the time or they didn't have any skills worth passing on to their kids.

With these figures in mind, Bosch has launched a new campaign to encourage families to get together by building a treehouse in the garden during the summer holidays. The campaign includes a how to video on the Bosch website and a downloadable step by step guide.

Chris Tidy from the tool company has commented that parents need to take the time to teach their children important skills as it will help them to save money in the future, especially when it comes to employing a tradesman.

Botched DIY in Top 5 Turn Offs

Botched DIY in Top 5 Turn Offs

TV channel Home has released the results of their survey into what turns off a potential home buyer. At the top of the list are damp patches and cracks, while simple things like peeling paint and overgrown gutters can cause problems too. However botched DIY jobs are in the top five and are enough to make it very hard to sell a home.

The survey of 2000 UK adults who are considering buying a new property in the next six months was commissioned as part of a new series on the Home channel called Britain's Ugliest Rooms.

It was found that buyers will even walk away from net curtains, solar panels and gardens with trampolines. 10% of people even said they would never make an offer on a home where the beds were unmade.

One third of people found it difficult to like a home with horrible wallpaper, strange coloured walls or where the house was very messy. This is despite the ease of changing these things.

When it comes to finding the perfect home, most buyers are looking for large rooms, good parking and a brand new kitchen.

Bribery and DIY Around the House

It seems that a number of women are having to resort to bribery to get their other halves to do DIY around the house, according to the latest survey from Bosch Power Tools. The survey discovered that 61% of people in the UK do DIY tasks around the house themselves, but that 6 out of ten women have to offer some sort of bribe to get their husbands or partners to do the jobs for them.

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Britain's Best Whistling Builder

The dubious honour of being crowned Britain's Best Whistling Builder has gone to Adam Contoret who showed his skill by whistling a tune and showing of his best wolf whistle.

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Britain’s Top Tradesman

Following on from the success of last year’s competition, Screwfix has launched the 2011 search for Britain's Top Tradesman. Last year Any Hunneybel from Essex took the top slot due to his integrity, his customer service and the fact he was able to get his business back on track after a number of setbacks. He says that since winning he has work booked up for months in advance simply from coverage of the award and referrals from satisfied customers.

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British Gas Winter Tips

British Gas have produced a great video explaining some of the things home owners can do to get the most out of central heating systems and boilers. The video gives top tips for keeping your house warm in winter.

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Brits Enjoy a Spot of DIY

A survey released by Bosch has revealed that 78% of Brits enjoy a spot of DIY and of those 71% are in the 26-35 age range. However 48% of people still feel that they suffer from a lack of confidence with home improvements and avoid jobs which might go wrong.

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Bucking The Trend

With quarterly results due from the owner of B&Q due this week, investors are hoping for good news from the DIY sector as a whole.

It is thought that the warmest April on record and the increase in bank holidays have resulted in increased sales of items such as barbecues and garden furniture. This has led to an expected sales growth of 3% for B&Q for the three months to the end of April.

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Building Regulations for Conservatories

Proposed new buildings regulations for 2010 look like they may include conservatories, which are currently not covered by building regulations unless they are not separated from the house by doors.

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Burst Pipes Cost Insurance Companies Millions

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has stated that the insurance industry has paid out £644 million to homeowners and companies during last winter due to burst pipes caused by freezing temperatures. Unfortunately they expect the figures for this winter to be even higher.

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Call For DIY Classes

The National Home Improvement Council has suggested that DIY retailers or home improvement companies should set up classes to educate people on how to do basic DIY tasks. The comment was made by Andrew Leech, the director of the NHBC in response to the news that more than half of all young people do not have the skills to maintain their homes.

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Callous Cowboys Jailed

Two cowboy builders have been jailed at Maidstone Crown Court after they swindled vulnerable people out of more than £1m. Moses Mead and Christopher Latty from Kent were given a total of 7 years for fraud and false representation. Two others involved received shorter sentences, while others are still on the run.

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